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[Introduction of facilities]

◎ Empty-handed BBQ Oraho House   

You can also enjoy beef, pork, chicken and freshly picked vegetables from Iwate prefecture.

Basically, reservations are required (up to 2 days in advance), and orders for 2 or more people (usage time 120 minutes).

Only Oraho no Tori Miso Yaki BBQ can be used on weekdays only, no reservation required (reservation required for 15 people or more)


◎ Makoto Ya Café

We sell hearty original hamburgers.

Enjoy soft serve ice cream, crepes, and organic bean coffee.


◎ Product sales / information


◎ Other facilities will gradually open.

◎ Inquiries

Watami Organic Land Inquiry Center TEL: 0192-53-2107 (Reception hours 10: 00-17: 00)



Rikuzentakata Watami Organic Land <Rikuzentakata City>

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