Fantastic Iwate Jodogahama Classic Theater <Miyako City>

~ Eternal Japan dancing on the beach ~

Schedule: 2020年03月22日

  • Miyako-city
  • History Culture

【The event has finished.】

"Fantastic Iwate Jodoga," a performance of traditional performing arts in Iwate and Tokyo, organized by the Iwate Executive Committee, and a Kabuki dance "renshishi" featuring Kabuki actors Ujiji Ichikawa, Hiromatsu Otani and others. Hama Classic Theater ”will be held at the Jodogahama special venue in Miyako City.

With the beautiful sea of Jodogahama in the background, the traditional performing arts of Japan dance gorgeously. ! You can feel eternal Japan dancing on the beach. On the day of the performance, a gourmet fair will be held at the Jodogahama Rest House next to the venue where you can enjoy the charm of Sanriku's food.

Please come to the event after inviting your family and friends!

Date March 22, 2020 (Sun)
Open 12:00 Start 13:00 End 15:00 (planned)
Miyako-shi, Jodogahama special venue
* Venue in case of rain: Greenpia Miyako Sanriku Multipurpose Arena

Entrance fee: 3,000 yen (all unreserved seats)

Tickets are on sale at each play guide from 10:00 on Friday, January 31!

Part 1 `` Traditional performing arts competition ''
Yamaguchi drum (Miyako city)
Futako Oni Kenmai (Kitakami City)
Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori (Tokyo)

Part 2 Kabuki dance "renshishi"
Uchiji Ichikawa, Hiromatsu Otani and others

[Sponsored] Happiness is coming out country Iwate executive committee [support] Miyako-shi, Miyako-shi Board of Education [production cooperation] Sankyokai plan, 3Top
Japan Expo Innovation Project

Specifically, please see the following or the attachment ↓↓

Event contents

Miyako-shi, Jodogahama special venue
Period of holding


Fantastic Iwate Jodogahama Classic Theater <Miyako City>

  • Happy Iwate Country Iwate Executive Committee (within SAP)
  • TEL: 03-6912-0945 (平日10:00~18:00)
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