Attendance Days-Kazuo Kazama's Meeting <Kamaishi City>

~ Take the Kaeda Marching song, Kazuma Kazama appears in Koza! ~

Schedule: 2019年11月17日

  • Kamaishi-city
  • Facility

【The event has finished.】

Rakugo of “Kazuma Kazama” who is also active in movies and TV dramas and theater, a chat with the comedy “Nezucci”, the rakugo of the second star of the rakugo writer “Osamu Katsuramiya”, a talk show by three people and plenty of 2 hours . Laugh at TETTO! !

[Date & Time] Sunday, November 17, 2019

[Starting time] 14: 00 ~ Ending 16:00

[Venue] Kamaishi Civic Hall TETTO Hall A

[About tickets]

All seats reserved General 3,000 yen (Tomo-no-kai 2,400 yen) / High school students and younger 1,500 yen (Tomo-no-kai 1,200 yen) Additional 500 yen each on the day) Watching preschool children on the knees is free. However, there is a charge when using seats.

Bulk purchase: 20% off when purchasing 10 or more tickets at the same time
Silver discount: 65% or older, 20% off 1 regular ticket with certificate
Friends' association tickets, bulk purchase discounts, and silver discounts are only available at Kamaishi Civic Hall

Please check below or attached for details of ticket purchase etc.

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Event contents

Kamaishi citizen hall TETTO hall A
Period of holding


Attendance Days-Kazuo Kazama's Meeting <Kamaishi City>

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