Mikurayama <Yamada Town>

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A place where townspeople evacuated after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The “Chinkon no Kane(bell of requiem and hope” has been set up by the Yamada Rotary Club for the victim's requiem, for memorial to the victims, and as a symbol of reconstruction so that people will not forget the earthquake. Its unveiling ceremony was held on March 11, one year after the disaster. A large clock that had been on the roof of JR Rikuchu-Yamada station which was burnt by a big fire caused by the earthquake is placed near the bell.


Mikurayama <Yamada Town>

  • Mikurayama
  • address:1 Hachimancho, Yamada-machi, Shimohei-gun, Iwate 028-1341  Googlemap

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