Reconstruction Town Walking and Eating Tour <Yamada Town>

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You can enjoy the shopping street while visiting Yamada's reconstructing town with the storyteller.
・ Yamada specialty Yamada Senbei(raw or fried rice cracker) “Fry it at the shop” experience
・ Shelling experience of oysters and scallops
・ Morning harvested wakame(seaweed) shabu-shabu(hot pod) experience
・ Expanding experience of dried squid, etc.
(the contents change by time and make a reservation required)


Reconstruction Town Walking and Eating Tour <Yamada Town>

  • Yamada Wonderful Taiken(experience) Bureau
  • address:c/o Yamada-machi government office fisheries Commerce and industry section, 3-20 Hachimancho, Yamada-machi, Shimohei-gun, Iwate 028-1392  Googlemap
  • TEL:0193-65-7901
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  • Business hours: 8: 30-17: 15
    Regular holiday: every Saturday, Sunday, public holidays

    Phone number : 0193-82-3111(ext. 227)

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