Kimura Shoten <Yamada Town>

Founded Meiji 41. Traditional handmade.

Old-fashioned pure handmade, yet product made with no additives. Kimura Shoten was founded in 1908 and has a history of about 100 years. The aim of Kimura Shoten is the warm and nostalgic taste of mom's cooking that has been handed down to generations here.

  • Yamada-town
  • Food

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Kimura Shoten is famous for Ika-tokkuri(sake bottle made from squid). There are a variety of dried foods and smoked products in addition to Ika-tokkuri. Tasting is also possible. How about as a souvenir?


Kimura Shoten <Yamada Town>

  • Kimura Shoten Toyomane-kojo(Toyomane factory)
  • address:7-30 Toyomane, Yamada-machi, Shimohei-gun, Iwate, 028-1302  Googlemap
  • TEL:0193-83-5510
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