Waterfall RoKando

A tour of the waterfall tunnel

A 29m high falls falls at a distance of 880m from the cave entrance, and you can observe it from a height of 60m and a dome 50m around.
It was used as a filming site for the movie “8 Tomb Village (1977)”.
The helmets, jumpers and boots required for the cavern can be rented (various sizes). It is included in the rental fee.
There is also the famous "Takisoshi Soba", which has a long bamboo stream, and "Soba" and "rdquo" flow down.
【important point】
Please inquire about precautions and accident insurance system at the time of entrance.

Schedule Full year (closed at the end of the year)

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◇ Winter business details (from November to February)

Business days: Saturdays, Sundays and holidaysHowever, groups of 15 people or more will be accepted on weekdays. (Reservation required)Entrance time: 8:30 to 16:00

Business description: Accepts only Takikan-dong entrance¥ 1,100 for adults, ¥ 500 for children(100 yen discount for groups of 15 or more, 200 yen discount for groups of 30 or more)

The cafeteria and waterfall soba noodles are closed (until the end of March)

Activity Plan Outline

Period of holding
Schedule Full year (closed at the end of the year)
Time required
60 minutes
Adult 1,050 yen
middle and high school student 700 yen
elementary school student 500 yen
infant 0 yen (each group 100 people discount 100 yen)

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Waterfall RoKando

  • Waterfall Rokando Tourist Center
  • address:298 029-2311 Iwate Prefecture Kesen-gun Sumita-cho Kamisuzumi Dokura 298-81  Googlemap
  • TEL:0192-48-2756
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  • Opening hours 8:30-16:30 (until 16:00 in winter)

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