Fujiwara Minshuku <Otsuchi Town>

I just want to say it! A cozy inn that sells the hospitality of the landlady

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★ A cozy guest house that sells the hospitality of the landlady ~ Fujiwara guest house ~


Built in the current location in 2018 after the earthquake, the black-based exterior is impressive.

This is the place where the short film "Future Fragment" was filmed.

You can relax and enjoy a special time in a small inn that looks like a small hideaway.

One of the attractions is the meal made by the landlady who is good at cooking using seasonal ingredients.

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Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
5 people
Total number of rooms
3 rooms
Bathroom type
There is a shared large bath
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
can be
Number of car parking
4 units
Credit card
* Cash only


Fujiwara Minshuku <Otsuchi Town>

  • Fujiwara guest house
  • address:4-5-38 Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture
  • TEL:0193-44-2456 / FAX:0193-44-2456
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