Sanriku no Yado Kura <Otsuchi Town>

A Japanese-modern and charming guest house where handmade Temari and hanging chicks color the space vividly.

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★ A modern Japanese-style inn with handmade hanging chicks that colorfully colors the space ~ Sanriku no Yado Kura ~

We also boast meals made with local seasonal seafood, and some rooms enjoy the Sanriku Railway and the sea.

The owner's mother's handmade Temari and hanging chicks are displayed around the inn, such as the entrance and the cafeteria, to welcome visitors.

Many regulars are looking forward to seasonal decorations. This inn welcomes many business travelers and long-term stayers.

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Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
15 people
Total number of rooms
2 Japanese-style rooms / 3 twin rooms
Bathroom type
There is a large bath for men and women
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
can be
Credit card


Sanriku no Yado Kura <Otsuchi Town>

  • Sanriku no Yado Kura
  • address:2-19-18 Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture  Googlemap
  • TEL:0193-44-2105 / FAX:0193-44-3558
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