Fureai Land Iwaizumi <Iwaizumi Town>

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Along National Highway 455, adjacent to Road Station Iwaizumi, there is "Fureai Land Iwaizumi". It is a popular outdoor base with 34 auto campsites, 5 cottages, 3 trailer houses, and a wide variety of facilities such as the Blue Train Sea of Japan sleeper train accommodation vehicle.

Due to the influence of Corona's disaster this year, outdoor activities are recommended. Why don't you spend a fun family vacation at "Fureai Land Iwaizumi"?

For more information on using "Fureai Land Iwaizumi" ⇒ http://www.fureailand-iwaizumi.jp/

Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
34 lots of auto campsite / cottage 6 people capacity & times; 3 buildings, 10 people capacity & times; 2 buildings / trailer house 4 people capacity & times; 3 buildings / Blue Train Nihonkai A sleeper capacity 2 people, B sleeper capacity 4 people
Bathroom type
Cottage / mobile home (with in-room bath)
Private bathroom
Cottage (Yes) / Trailer House (Yes) / Blue Train Sea of Japan (No, using private shower in the center house)
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
Number of car parking
With parking lot for each cottage and mobile home
Multilingual Facility Displays
Multilingual staff
Credit card
PayPay payment will be introduced from July


Fureai Land Iwaizumi <Iwaizumi Town>

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