Takamasu Inn <Otsuchi Town>

A guest house with a wonderful view overlooking the sea and sandy beaches of Namiban

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★ A guest house where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea of Namiban ~ Takamasu guest house ~


Facing the national highway by the sea, the pink sign is a landmark.

Lunch is also served as a restaurant on weekdays.

Taking advantage of the seafood and mountain products, the meals that consider the season and balance are popular, and are also popular with long-term stayers.

There are many rooms, and it is also suitable for families and groups.

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Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
45 people
Total number of rooms
12 Japanese-style rooms (6 to 15 tatami mats)
Bathroom type
There is a large bath for men and women
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
can be
Number of car parking
About 24 units
Credit card
can be


Takamasu Inn <Otsuchi Town>

  • Takamasu Inn
  • address: 64-10 Chiwari, 11th Chiwari, Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture
  • TEL: 0193-44-2907
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