Center House Hiraniwa-sanso <Kuji City>

White birches are shaking on the ground of amber. The country of traditional woman divers. The Japan's most beautiful forest of white birch. Hiraniwa highland

  • Kuji-city
  • Hotel
  • Day bathing
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Multilingual facility
  • Credit Card
It is a park golf course in the summer, ski resort in the winter. Refresh yourself in shirakaba-no-yu(bath) after sports.
Adjacent to the house, there is a bullring that is rare even in Japan. A bullfighting competition is held three times a year.
Recommended Hiratani's popular menus are tankakugyu(short-horn beef), Jingisukan(mutton BBQ) and Mamebu(dumpling) soup.

Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
Main building 42 people, Cottage 240 people, 282 people in total
Total number of rooms
Main building 8 rooms, 10 cottages (24 people per building)
Bathroom type
There is a public bath
One day bathing
Yes(Adult 520 yen, Elementary school student 260 yen, little child free)
Free Wi-Fi
Yes(Only available around the reception)
Number of car parking
50 cars
Multilingual Facility Displays
Japanese / English
Multilingual staff
Credit card
Yes (except JCB)


Center House Hiraniwa-sanso <Kuji City>

  • address: 20-13-1 Rainai,Yamagatacho, Kuji-shi, Iwate 028-8605 Googlemap
  • TEL: 0194-72-2700 / FAX:0194-72-2701
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