Drone Tourism Ogawa Ryokan <Otsuchi Town>

Introducing the scenery of the sledgehammer with a drone video!

Drone tourism <Aerial walk in Otaki town with a drone, the first in the prefecture! >

At Ogawa Ryokan, we have started a new service "Drone Tourism" that allows customers to take real-time aerial photographs with a drone, introduce the highlights of the town and seasonal sightseeing spots, and enjoy the scenery from the sky.

Please see the video that you can take a walk in the air in the town, but some of it has been uploaded to YouTube.

It is a plan to lend a drone (Mavic Mini) only for 3 groups (1 group 1 to 2 people) a day.

* If it cannot be implemented due to weather conditions, etc., a refund (2,000 yen per person) will be given.

  • Otsuchi-town
  • Hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi

〇Accommodation experience report is open ♪ 〇 (Updated 2022.3.22)

Please take a look at the accommodation experience report by the Otsuchi Tourism Exchange Association ♪

◆ A long-established inn that has continued since the end of the Edo period. "Kizuna" inn run by a calm couple-Ogawa Ryokan-


Scenery of Otsuchi Town You can see the aerial walk of the seamount, which is released on Youtube.

* Click the two images below to open the YouTube link image.

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Drone tourism related images

Video recording of Sanriku Railway from afar

Scenery of earthquake reconstruction

Shiroyama (Otsuchi Castle Ruins) from the sky on the 120-inch screen of the inn

Indoor maneuvering demonstration

Drone controller and body

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Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
30 people
Total number of rooms
6 Western-style rooms, 7 Japanese-style rooms
Bathroom type
Western-style room (with toilet and shower room) Japanese-style room, separate bathroom for men and women, men's bath (3-4 people), women's bath (1-2 people)
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
Number of car parking
18 units


Drone Tourism Ogawa Ryokan <Otsuchi Town>

  • address: 26-131-1 Kozuchi, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture 028-1121 Googlemap
  • TEL: 0193-42-2628
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