My Way My Way <Otsuchi Town>

The first sledgehammer vacation rental! Mr. and Mrs. Kikuchi will entertain you

  • Otsuchi-town

It costs 7,700 yen for two meals per night, and it is a very profitable inn with sea urchins and salmon roe from the morning.

The hospitality of the host Chiyako has no humor.
PayPay payment is also available! 1 minute walk to the convenience store.

5 minutes walk to the shopping center.

5 minutes walk to the bus stop of the night bus to and from Tokyo.
Comments from customers: Good traffic! The landlady is super good! The food is super good! !!

Please use all means.

Room without meals 4,400 yen

1 night 2 meals 7,700 yen

Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
Five people
Total number of rooms
2 rooms
Bathroom type
Shared shower room only
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
Number of car parking
can be
Multilingual Facility Displays
Multilingual staff
No (English interpreter can be arranged separately)
Credit card


My Way My Way <Otsuchi Town>

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