Mifune Inn <Kuji City>

A Japanese-style inn 3 minutes from Kuji Station

We will entertain you with dishes that make the most of the freshness.

  • Kuji-city
  • Hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi

☆ Business, sightseeing, long-term stay welcome
Long-term stay will be discounted. Please contact us.
☆ Hospitality with fresh seafood
We will serve you at a low price.
☆ You can also enjoy sea fishing and mountain stream fishing

Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
20 people
Total number of rooms
9 rooms
Bathroom type
Shared bath (24 hours bathing possible)
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
Number of car parking
8 units
Multilingual Facility Displays
only Japanese


Mifune Inn <Kuji City>

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