Shirahana Shakunageso <Tanohatamura>

The only inn for traveling at the Kitayamazaki Observatory, a spectacular view that represents Kita Sanriku

  • Tanohata-village
  • Hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi

Located in the Kitayamazaki Garden, you can experience the magnificent landscape of Kitayamazaki, the sunrise and the starry sky. An inn that boasts seafood seafood dishes provided by Mr. Awabuchi, a local fisherman and owner of this inn.

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Facility Information

Maximum number of guests
36 people
Total number of rooms
12 rooms
Bathroom type
Shared bath only (6 people)
Private bathroom
One day bathing
Free Wi-Fi
Number of car parking
200 free cars in the park
Credit card


Shirahana Shakunageso <Tanohatamura>

  • Shirahana Shakunageso
  • address: 129-7 Kitayamazaki, Tanohata-mura, Shimohei-gun, Iwate Prefecture 028-8402 Googlemap
  • TEL: 0194-33-2085
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  • ☆ <When arriving by public transportation> Take the Fudai Village Bus from Fudai Station, get off at the Kitayamazaki Observatory Bus Stop, and walk for 1 minute. The fare is free!

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