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-I want to convey the charm of Ofunato through video and guide activities.

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☆ My hobbies are sports and outdoor activities such as teaching karate classes ♪ In addition, I can guide you in English and French! Please feel free to talk to me ☆

◆ We are disseminating the appeal of Ofunato through videos and SNS. Please have a look! ◆

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・ Okirai's Great Cedar

Sanriku Daio Sugi-YouTube

・ Hikoroichi Mystery Tour

Hikoroichi Mystery-YouTube

・ Koishihama

Koishihama, Koishihama-YouTube

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Sasaki Isabel
Sasaki Izaberu
Ofunato City Hall, Commerce, Industry and Port Department, Industrial Policy Office
Regional revitalization cooperation corps


Please tell us about your activities.

My mission is to increase the fans of Ofunato. In order to do so, I will explore Ofuna Watanabe, and if I find a fascinating scenery, an interesting inside story / legend, a fine history, delicious food, a good looking person, etc., I will post it on SNS. Recently, I also started YouTube video. We hope that you will get to know Ofunato, get interested in it, and even visit us. And we are guiding you so that you can enjoy Ofunato when people come!

What brought you to Sanriku?

Immediately after the earthquake, I came to Ofunato for the first time as a volunteer. After volunteering, I came to visit many times, and every time I came, I became more and more fond of it. I loved it so much that I wanted to live in it, and I wanted to contribute to the reconstruction through activities that encourage tourism, so I decided to move.

What do you recommend in Sanriku??

Climb the mountain and enjoy the rias-style seascape. For Ofunato, Natsumushiyama and Imadeyama (especially around June when azaleas are in bloom) are recommended. The ruins of Kanayama in Imadeyama (Kamimine) where you can feel the history, Fudotaki (Ayari) where you can feel the mysterious atmosphere, and Daio cedar and poplar who feel the power of nature.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Any outdoor activity! (Hiking, swimming in the sea, sap, skiing, etc.)

In your school days, which club activity were you in?

I don't have club activities in France, but I've been in the karate dojo since the first grade of elementary school.

Please tell us about your favorite sports or books.

I'm a karate idiot! Currently, I am doing a karate class in Ofunato.

What is your favorite word?

& quot; Apr & egrave; s la pluie, le beau temps & quot; The French saying "it will clear up after the rain". It means that even if there are difficult days, someday it will be bright.

What is your future goal?

At the end of April 2021, I will graduate from the regional revitalization cooperation team. My husband and scallop farming work will be the main work, but I plan to work as a tourist guide while continuing to convey the charm of Ofunato in my spare time. * Please feel free to contact us as your e-mail address will be connected even after graduating from the regional revitalization cooperation team.


Ofunato City Hall, Commerce, Industry and Port Department, Industrial Policy Office

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