Horaikan, a landlady's story teller <Kamaishi City>

Powerful Kamaishi

 Horaikan is located in Nebama, where the village was devastated by the earthquake. This is not only the story of the experience of running away to the back of the mountain after being flooded up to the second floor, but also the story of the proprietress, who "tells the story of the future", who was busy in her efforts to attract the 2019 RWC for recovery and reconstruction.

Schedule: Whole year

  • Kamaishi-city
  • Earthquake Learning

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An evacuation route that protects the safety of the Kamaishi "Horaikan" and sightseeing areas, and is not defeated by sea and mountain disasters!


Lessons Learned from the Earthquake.

Period of holding
Whole year
Time required
30 minutes to 1.5 hours (by consultation)
10,000 to 30,000 yen (negotiable depending on the number of people and time)
60 people
6 months to 1 week ago


Horaikan, a landlady's story teller <Kamaishi City>

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