Unosumai, Tomos <Kamaishi City>

As a place to communicate the memories and lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake to the future, and to feel the importance and splendor of living and to relax, the cormorant residence that promotes local activities and tourism exchange by integrally arranging multiple public facilities Station area.

  • Kamaishi-city
  • Food
  • Earthquake Learning
  • Facility

  • Miraikan connecting life * Free admission and free guide


  • Kamaishi Prayer Park


  • Unosato Exchange Center


◆ Facility name Unosumai, Tomos

-Miraikan connecting life (earthquake disaster tradition and disaster prevention learning facility), Kamaishi prayer park

(Memorial facility for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake), Unosato Exchange Hall (Restaurant and sales of direct and souvenir goods)

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