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There is a container that has been leaning on local life for 200 years in the land of North Iwate

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The beginning of Kikuji Yaki dates back to the late Edo period about 200 years ago. Primary Kumagai甚right after the Akazome learned the potter its technology to Yoshizo that led from Soma, was created a pottery of their own in the clay and glaze mined in the local Kuji is said to origin. It is mainly used as a daily miscellaneous instrument, and there is still a record that it was stored in Hachinohe. Eventually, it became familiar to the locals that it can be said that there is always one or two in every family, and in the Meiji period, it was highly evaluated by the folk musician Sogo Yanagi who visited this place.

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Hand-necking: Children can make it like a clay play without using a potter's wheel.

Rokuro: Use an electric potter's wheel. I will do my best for the first time.


Please make a reservation in advance between 10:00 and 15:00. The creation takes an average of 1-2 hours.


500g of clay costs 1000 yen (including tax for baking). It is the amount that can make one bowl or mug.

・ ・ Others ・ ・

The work that the customer has formed is entrusted with glaze and baked to complete. Please allow 1-2 months for delivery.

Please pay the shipping fee for the completed work.

Although we are very careful with the packaging, please contact us if it arrives damaged due to an accident during transportation.

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