Kurosaki Observatory and Anmoura Observatory <Fudai Village>

Feel the round earth from the top of a precipice that overlooks the Pacific Ocean far below

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Kurosaki Observatory is a scenic spot representing Fudai.
In the distance you can overlook the coastline of Noda village from Kuki coast of Kuji city, and in some places you can admire the magnificent cliffs over 150 meters.
Benten fishing port with blue deep Nedari beach and white walled islets below.
You can watch a boat running offshore for fishing, as well as cormorants that is Fudai’s village bird, hawks and ducks flying above beautiful blue sea.

****Rikuchu Kurosaki lighthouse was authorized as “Romance Toudai(lighthouse) in 2019" ****

All Japan Lighthouse Cultural Value Creation Project Secretariat will carry out the "Lighthouse Cultural Value Creation Project 2019" as part of the Nippon Foundation "The Sea and Japan Project", which will create a movement to the sea in collaboration with organizations across the country. As the first activity of the project, we selected the “Romance Toudai(lighthouse)” from lighthouses that exist throughout Japan. In fiscal 2019, 9 lighthouses in 9 areas were authorized as "Romance Toudai", including Rikuchu Kurosaki lighthouse.

Click here for the press release on "Roamce Toudai"

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