Mifune Judan Memorial Hall "Kuji City"

The great man of Kuji city who invented "air throwing"! A memorial that introduces the life and achievements of Mifune Kukura

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Panels and calligraphy works / remains are displayed according to the themes of "Mifune Kuso on Young Day", "Mifune Kuso to Kodokan", "Mifune to Shogi" and "Mifune to Calligraphy". In addition, you can see valuable images such as the technique "corner drop (air toss)" created by Mifune Todan.

Next to the museum, there is also a judo hall, where the spirit of Mifune Tendan is received, and a dojo student works daily to practice.

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【User guide】

Opening hours: 9 am-4:30 pm

Non-publication day: Every Monday and last day on Tuesday (However, if Monday is a public holiday, the closest weekday to that Monday)

Entrance fee: General 200 yen / 1 person (150 yen for 20 or more groups)

High, university student 150 yen / 1 person (group 20 people or more 100 yen)

Small and middle school students 100 yen / 1 person (group 20 people 50 yen)

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