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  • Hirono-town
  • Kuji-city
  • Noda-village
  • Fudai-village
  • Tanohata-village
  • Iwaizumi-town
  • Miyako-city
  • Yamada-town
  • Otsuchi-town
  • Kamaishi-city
  • Sumita-town
  • Ofunato-city
  • Rikuzentakata-city
  • Food

Featured Products

Because of the COVID-19 infections, we're hard to travel around freely,and many events are canceled.

But now,we try to list the shopping websites of local agents,

so if you want,please check them,enjoy shopping and tasting Sanriku at home!

Sanriku operators are waiting for your order!

[Sanriku Order Guide] (Updated 7/28/2020)

※Sorry,some of them are domestic delivery only.

【Hirono Town】

◎ Hometown Choice (special product)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03507

◎Itagaki confectionery store (confectionery)

Store HP: https://nanbumoguri.jimdofree.com/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1005/

◎Kohachiya Co., Ltd. (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: https://www.kohachiya.jp/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1009/

◎Kitasanriku Factory Hironoya (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/hirono-ya/

◎Naotomaru fish (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: https://sanchokumaruuo.ocnk.net/

◎Ono Milk Kobo Co., Ltd. (dairy products)

Store HP: https://yumemilk.raku-uru.jp/

◎Ono Gem.com (Ohno Furusato Public Corporation) (local product selection)

Store HP: https://www.ohnoippin.com/

【Kuji City】

◎ Hometown Choice (special product)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03207

◎Takeya Confectionery

Store HP: https://www.e-takeya.net/shop/products/list.php

Travel Guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p634/


Store HP: https://oga-brewing.com/products/%E4%B9%85%E6%85%88%E3%81%BF%E3%81%A9%E3%82%8A%E3%81% AE%E3%83%80%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A4%E3%83%93%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AB

Travel guide HP: "Kuji Green Diamond Beer" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1540/

◎Sayuki Co., Ltd. (mountain grape juice/processed food)

Store HP: http://sakohonten.co.jp/index.html

Travel guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p998/

◎Kuji Amber Museum (accessory products using amber, etc.)

Store HP: https://www.kujikohaku.net/

Travel Guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1453/

《Ptera's Secret Amber Charm》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1657/

◎ Limited company Sawagiku (sweets)

Store HP: http://www.sawagiku.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Bus nobubu" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p954/

◎Fukurai Co., Ltd. (Sake and others)

Store HP: http://www.maroon.dti.ne.jp/fukurai/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2156/

◎Yakiniku Tamuraya (processed short-horned beef)

Store HP: https://www.tankakugyu.com/%E3%81%9F%E3%82%80%E3%82%89%E5%B1%8B-%E9%80%9A%E8%B2%A9 /%E3%81%BE%E3%81%8D%E3%81%B0%E3%82%BB%E3%83%83%E3%83%88/

◎Kosodeya Co., Ltd. (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: http://kosodeya.shop-pro.jp/

◎Iwate Kujikko Honpo Rakuten Ichiba store (sweets, miscellaneous goods, etc.)

Store HP: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/kujikko/

◎ GK Production Unknown Company (Clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc.)

Store HP: https://michicompany.designstore.jp/search.php?type=item&type=item&page=4

【Noda village】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: http://www.vill.noda.iwate.jp/mirai/1119.html

◎ Tourist product building Paapuru (beverages, sweets, wine, etc.)

Store HP: https://www.pa-puru.com/

Travel Guide HP: "Noda Salt Cider" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p955/

《Nano-salt in the wood-fired kiln direct cooking method》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p520/

◎J Planning (Processing and selling jewelry of rose pyroxene)

Store HP: https://www.jplan-iwate.com/shop/

Travel Guide HP: "Marine Rose Opener" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p960/

【Fudai village】

◎Ao-no-Kuni Fudai Co., Ltd. (Foods in Fudai Village can be ordered in bulk)

Store HP: https://sanriku-travel.jp/know/area_info/p3090/

Travel Guide HP: "Konbu Noodles 3 Brothers" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2931/

《Sukikonbu》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p968/

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03485

◎Kamikanda Meat Shop (special sauce for yakiniku, etc.)

Store HP: https://r.goope.jp/sr-03-0348510005

Travel guide HP: "Fudai kelp containing specially made raw sauce" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2727/

◎ Shimogawara store (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.shokokai.com/fudai/member/673.html

Travel guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2548/

◎ Marukoshi store (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: https://www.marukoshi-iwate.com/

Travel Guide HP: "Octopus Tonbi Baru" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p967/

【Tanohata village】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.vill.tanohata.iwate.jp/docs/2015081700075/

◎Sanao Plaza Shiso Ohashi (food, etc.)

Store HP: https://www.vill.tanohata.iwate.jp/kankou/shopping/sanchoku-shii.html

Travel guide HP: "All-purpose miso sauce Makihara" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1829/

《Baniya's salt》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1830/

◎(One company) Tanohata-mura Industrial Development Corporation (dairy products)

Store HP: https://shop.tanohata-kosya.com/

Travel Guide HP: "Tanohata Yogurt" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p986/

◎Iwate Tanohata Mountain Dairy Milk

Store HP: https://yamachi.official.ec/

【Tanohata Village/Iwaizumi Town】

◎ Iwaizumi Town/Tanohata Wide Area Fisheries Restoration Committee (processed food)

Store HP: https://www.town.iwaizumi.lg.jp/docs/2017101800017/

Travel guide HP: https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1040/

【Iwaizumi Town】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03483

◎Yamada Ichi Hayano Shoten Co., Ltd. (fruit hozuki, processed foods, etc.)

Store HP: https://i-hayano.jp/shop/index.html

Travel guide HP: "Hohozukin's jam" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p959/

◎ Sunadaya Co., Ltd. (confectionery)

Store HP: http://www.sunataya.co.jp/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p963/

◎ Iwaizumi Holdings Co., Ltd. Dairy Business Division (cosmetics, dairy products, etc.)

Store HP: https://www.iwaizumilk.com/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p975/

<> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p513/

◎ Iwaizumi Holdings Co., Ltd. Industrial Development Division (Iwaizumi Tankaku Beef, etc.)

Store HP: http://www.ryusendo-water.com/?mode=cate&csid=0&cbid=1745341

◎ Shitaameya (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.facebook.com/%E5%BF%97%E3%81%9F%E3%81%82%E3%82%81%E3%82%84-1564014573861933/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p650/

◎Iwaizumi Hormone Online Shop (hormone set etc.)

Store HP: https://www.iwaizumi-shop.jp/horumon/

◎Kamiameya (hormone set)

Store HP: https://ueameya.official.ec/

◎Nakamatsuya (sweets)

Store HP: https://nakamatsuya.co.jp/

◎Izumikin Shuzo (local sake)

Store HP: https://www.ginga.or.jp/senkin/oursake/index.html

◎ Nakaho Ranch Online Store (dairy products and processed foods)

Store HP: https://shop.nakahora-bokujou.jp/

【Miyako City】

◎Kyowa Suisan x Opportunity Dining Miyakokobako (Sanriku Miyako Seafood Set)

Store HP: https://miyakokobako.site/

◎Jodogahama Park Hotel Official Online Store (Marine products "Bin-Don" etc.)

Store HP: https://www.jodogahama.co.jp/index.html

◎Kakeashi no Kai (seafood products such as "Bin-Don")

Store HP: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/kakeashinokai/?__ysp=44GL44GR44GC44GX44Gu5Lya

◎Santetsu shop (sweets, processed foods, seafood, dairy products, etc.)

◆Santetsu summer gifts now available! From 2020/6/1 to 8/20


Store HP: https://sanrikutetsudou.shop-pro.jp/

Travel guide HP: << Mackerel shiitake canned with seasoning >> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1001/

<< cooked rice only in the sea >> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1199/

《Green fairy (with 5 Bourdonnages)》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1201/

《Kuroshika Senbei (soy sauce/salty)》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p958/

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03202

◎Shigemo Fisheries Cooperative (seafood, processed foods, etc.)

Store HP: http://jfomoe.shop-pro.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Abalone with abalone " https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2765/

《OMOE CHOCOLATE》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2768/

◎Marutomo Shimaka Co., Ltd. (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: http://www.office-web.jp/marutomo-shimaka/pc/index.html

Travel guide HP: "Fish riverside rice cracker made by a fish shop in Miyako" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2909/

《Miyako Megumi no Karame Miso》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1010/

◎ Sugata (sweets)

Store HP: http://sugata-ikasenbei.com/

Travel guide HP: "Suda's squid rice cracker" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1000/

◎Taro Town Fisheries Cooperative (Marine products/Processed foods)

Store HP: https://shop.masaki-wakame.com/

Travel guide HP: "Masaki cut wakame (aquaculture)" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p999/

◎Jodogahama Rest House (processed food)

Store HP: https://jyodogahama.jp/shop/index.html

Travel guide HP: "Tatsutto beach" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p494/

*Please contact us by phone when considering purchasing.

◎Mikami store (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: https://sanriku-mikami.raku-uru.jp/

◎Ryusho Maru Co., Ltd. (seafood)

Store HP: https://www.ryushomaru.co.jp/

◎Nisshindo (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/miyako-dounel/

◎ Umaimon Factory A-Type Business Office Torimoto (Processed Food)

Store HP: https://www.torimoto.jp/

【Yamada Town】

◎Kikuchi store (Fresh sea urchin)

Store HP: https://www.kikuchishoten.jp/

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03482

◎Yamada Pride Co., Ltd. (local product assortment set)

Store HP: https://gift.yamadamachi.com/

Travel guide HP: "From Yamada" https://sanriku-travel.jp/know/area_info/p2794/

◎Roadside station Yamada (processed food)

Store HP: http://www.yamada-michinoeki.com/

Travel guide HP: "Delicious cooked rice" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p636/

《Shiitake pickles》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1008/

◎Gotokumaru Suisan (Mr. Gotokumaru) (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: https://gotokumaru.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Ika Sake" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1006/

《Hoyabepin》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1007/

◎Yamada local production for local consumption lab (sweets and processed foods)

Store HP: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/kawasai/info.html

◎Sanriku Yamada Gambappe Market (seafood, sweets, processed foods)

Store HP: http://www.yamada-michinoeki.com/

◎ Bihannet (seafood, sweets, processed foods)

Store HP: https://yamadabihan.jp/

◎Sanriku Yamada Fisheries Cooperative (seafood)

Store HP: https://jf-sanrikuyamada.shop/

◎ Kawaishi Fisheries Co., Ltd. (seafood)

Store HP: http://www.kawaishi-suisan.com/list.html

【Otsuchi Town】

◎Pocket Marche Otsuchi venison (meat) by Mr. Kanezawa

Store HP: https://poke-m.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&words=MOMIJI

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03461

◎Direct delivery from Otsuchi (seafood) *Multiple stores × Planning and operation at Otsuchi Chamber of Commerce

Store HP: https://www.shokokai.com/otsuchi/news/306.html

Travel guide HP: "Direct delivery from Otsuchi" https://sanriku-travel.jp/know/area_info/p2939/

◎ Sanriku Umemono Honpo Asahi-do (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: http://www.sanriku-asahido.com/index.html

Travel guide HP: "Hoya Jerky" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1014/

◎ Hyotanjima Tomaya Co., Ltd. (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: http://hyotanjima-tomaya.jp/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1012/

◎Middle and Otsuchi cooperatives (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: https://shop.domannaka.com/

◎Sanriku fresh fish Good fish (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: http://uoyoshi.info/index.html

◎Otsuchi Reconstruction Sashiko Project (Miscellaneous goods)

Store HP: https://sashiko.jp/

◎Otsuchi Auntie Club (Miscellaneous goods *Large catch flag mask)

Store HP: https://obachanclub.jimdofree.com/%E5%95%86%E5%93%81%E3%81%AE%E7%B4%B9%E4%BB%8B/

【Kamaishi city】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03211

◎Kaihozuke Nakamura Family Official Online Shop (Processed Food)

Store HP: https://www.kaihouduke.jp/

◎Hama Chidori Co., Ltd. (local sake)

Store HP: https://hamachidori.net/

Travel guide HP: "Yume Honami Honjo Otsuchi Sonhachiro Cup" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1013/

◎ Fujiyu Brewing Co., Ltd. (fermented foods/processed products)

Store HP: https://www.fujiyu.com/shop/index.html

Travel guide HP: https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2728/

《Asun Amoon Amakune lotion》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2730/

《Honjo Kake Soy Sauce Sanriku Kamaishi Taste》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2733/

《Koji Miso Dressing》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2095/

<< 100% Koji Miso Cake >> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1676/

◎ Kawaki Co., Ltd. (noodles)

Store HP: http://www.kawakinomen.com/index.html

Travel Guide HP: "Kamaishi Lager Ramen Spicy Miso" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1021/

◎Roadside station Kamaishi Senjin Pass (select local products)

Store HP: http://www.thr.mlit.go.jp/road/koutsu/Michi-no-Eki/eki_index/index_iw31.html

Travel guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p523/

《Koshi Persimmon Ice Cream》 https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1191/

◎Kojima Confectionery (sweets)

Store HP: https://kojimaseika.stores.jp/

Travel Guide HP: "Kamaishi Rugby Pie" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1020/

◎Sanriku Onoya (processed food)

Store HP: https://www.shop-onoya.jp/

◎Sanriku Kamaishi Yamakiichi (seafood and processed foods)

Store HP: https://www.yamakiichi.com/

◎Kamaishi Mine Co., Ltd.

Store HP: https://www.sennin-hisui.com/~sennin-hisui/index.html

【Ofunato City】

◎ Direct delivery! Ryori Fisheries Cooperative Online (Seafood)

Store HP: https://ryouri.thebase.in/?fbclid=IwAR1Clfei1vwrLIYDugIXEYO6Dug-oxbuSIJSd2MrbmgfNbpPwTq_ySS9AjM

◎Tamura Farm (Abalone Yoshihama)

Store HP: https://ofunato.jp/Summary/info/361

Travel guide HP: "Abalone Yoshihama" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2959/

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03203

◎ Saito Confectionery Co., Ltd. (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.saitoseika.com/

Travel guide HP: "Egg of seagull" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p691/

◎Suisen Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.(Local Sake)

Store HP: https://suisenshuzo.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Snow kid All-in-one gel" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p983/

◎Abenaga Shoten Co., Ltd. Kesennuma Fish Ichiba (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: https://osakana-ichiba.net/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1029/

◎Goishi Kaigan Rest House (sweets and others)

Store HP: https://ogawa-corp.hp.gogo.jp/pc/index.html

Travel guide HP: "Ikasenbei" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p493/

◎Sanriku beer (local beer)

Store HP: https://sanriku-beer.stores.jp/

Travel guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2546/

◎Sanriku fresh market (seafood/processed food)

Store HP: https://shop.sanrikutoretate.com/

◎ Kumagaya store (seafood)

Store HP: http://yama11.com/shop/pgm/adm/base.cgi

◎ Kamata Fisheries Co., Ltd. (seafood)

Store HP: http://3riku-aji.com/

◎Three Peaks Co., Ltd. (local wine)

Store HP: https://3peaks.stores.jp/

【Rikuzentakata City】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03210

◎ Patisserie Kankyu (sweets)

Store HP: http://rikutaka.jp/?pid=60065184 (in Rikuzentakata's delicious Monogataya online shop)

Travel Guide HP:  https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2821/

◎Yagisawa Shoten (fermented foods/processed foods)

Store HP: https://yagisawa-s.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Northern yuzu and moromi dressing" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p995/

◎Kanda Vineyard (Local muscat cider)

Store HP: http://0192-55-2222.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Muscat Cider" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p984/

◎Okashi Kobo Kimuraya (sweets)

Store HP: http://okashi-kimuraya.shop-pro.jp/

Travel Guide HP: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p956/

◎Rakuzen Takata's delicious Tagagaya (processed food)

Store HP: http://rikutaka.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Snack plate kelp" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2775/

◎ Hirota Bay fishing port mail order (seafood)

Store HP: http://shop.jfhirota.or.jp/

◎ Joint company Burari Kesen (processed food)

Store HP: https://burarionline.thebase.in/

◎Banzai Factory (Sanriku local products)

Store HP: https://tsubakimonogatari.com/

◎Komatsu store (seafood)

Store HP: https://www.komatsu-shouten.com/

◎Yamani Shoyu Co., Ltd. (soy sauce, dashi, etc.)

Store HP: http://shop.yamani-iwate.jp/

◎Takada Matsubara Co., Ltd. << Takada Matsubara e-station >> (Assorted food and sweets)

Store HP: https://store.takata-matsubara.com

◎ Isoya Marine Products Co., Ltd. (seafood and processed foods)
Store HP: http://isoya-kaisan.com/

◎Hikoroichi Farm (processed food)

Store HP: https://www.hikoroichi-farm.com/

◎Rikuzentakata Iwai (Miscellaneous goods)

Store HP: https://www.rikuzentakata-iwai.com/

【Sumita Town】

◎Hometown tax refund products (special products)

Store HP: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/03441

◎Machiya Setamai Station (assorted set of rice, vegetables, chicken, pork, processed foods)

Store HP: https://www.facebook.com/machiyasetamaieki/?tn-str=k*F

Travel guide HP: << Emergency plan for Corona! I made a remittance flight from Sumita>> https://sanriku-travel.jp/visit/howtogo/p545/

◎Cake & Foods Imano (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.shokokai.com/sumita/member/267.html

Traveling website: <> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p2776/

◎ Sumita Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Store HP: https://shop.sumita-gayagaya.jp/

Travel guide HP: "Chicken Harami" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1030/

<< Sumita whole chicken curry >> https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p521/

◎Sweet shop eat+ (sweets)

Store HP: https://www.eat-plus.com/

Travel guide HP: "Sumikko Biscotti" https://sanriku-travel.jp/fun/souvenir/p1039/


Click here for the site for local products in Iwate Prefecture ↓↓

◎Iwate Junjo Select (agricultural and livestock products of Iwate Prefecture)


◎Kadan Co., Ltd. (Iwate gift box)


◎LaLa Iwate Yahoo! store


◎LaLa Iwate Rakuten Ichiba Store


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