Michi-no-Eki Mitakai bunkou <Roadside Station in Iwaizumi Town>

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Iwate tangakugyu(short horn beef) Curry- Curry using Iwazumi's special short horn beef is exquisite!

Recommended Menu

いわて短角牛カレー  税込800円
Pick-up Menu
Iwate tankakuk gyu curry (short horn beef curry)
Price for the pick-up menu
800 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
Curry using Iwazumi's special short horn beef is exquisite! Pre-packed curry (1 pack: 640 yen including tax) that can easily enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home is also on sale at the store.
Other menus
Bunkou ramen, horumon nabe teishoku(offal hot pot set meal), Gyunyu(milk) ramen, Higawari kyushoku set(Daily lunch set meal), etc.

Store Information

Phone number
47-2 Mitakai, kado, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate 028-5641
Opening Hours
8: 30-18: 00 ≪Opening hours is shortened in winter season≫
Number of car parking
Large: 8 cars, Standard-sized: 31 cars (1 for handicapped people)
Number of Seats
30 seats
Group acceptance
Consultation required
Shop's Website
Shop descriptions
It is located at the site of the former Mitakai branch of kado elementary school, about 55 km from Morioka City and 7 km from the exit on the east side of Hayasaka Tunnel. In the image of a branch school in the mountains, harmonizing with the surrounding mountains, it has a wooden one-story building, and the color of the roof and outer wall is also adapted to the branch school at that time. Everyday is “parents' observation day”, open every day through a year, with handmade woodwork, local agricultural and livestock products and processed products. There are also hot foods such as short-horn beef croquettes, minced black pork cutlet and the famous “Bunkou Manju(dumpling)” and “Kinakoage Pan(fried bread)”, which are very popular with drivers who are in a hurry.

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