Inakappe <Kamaishi City>

Donko miso tatakiyaki(chopped and grilled) boased Izakaya(Japanse Pub) Inakappe where you can feel the Showa era, the good old days.

It has been loved by local young and old men and women for about 30 years since the pub opened. Sticking to local ingredients, the abundant menu, centered on seafood, chicken and pork, is rich in variety and can't be ordered at a single visit! Once you go there, you will want to go there again.

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*Donko is a fish that meat is white and soft.

Recommended Menu

Pick-up Menu
Donko miso tatakiyaki
Price for the pick-up menu
Tax-included 810 yen
Other menus
Assorted sashimi (for one person: 1,080 yen including tax), skewers (one: 108 yen to 270 yen including tax), deep-fried udon noodles (486 yen including tax)

Store Information

Phone number
1-16-11 Nakazumacho, Kamaishi-shi, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
1.3km from Kamaishi Station
Opening Hours
From 17:00 to 23:00 (Lo 22:00)
Number of car parking
10 cars
Number of Seats
38 seats
Group acceptance
Yes (please consult in advance)

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