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Ofunato Sanma Ramen-A ramen(noodles) topped with grilled Sanma-mirin-boshi! (dried saury seasoned with sweet sake) Why don't you try it when you come to Ofunato.

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Recommended Menu

Pick-up Menu
[Standard menu] Ofunato Sanma Ramen
Price for the pick-up menu
700 yen (tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
Ofunato City is No.1 in the quantity of landing of the Sanma(saury) in Honshu(the main island of Japan). Ofunato Sanma Ramen is a standard menu of saury dishes in Ofunato-so to call Sanma Ctiy. It is served at restaurants in the city using shop-specific cooking methods. In our shop, we tried to put the Sanma-mirin-boshi(dried saury seasoned with sweet sake) on the ramen, that grilled on Nanbu-tekki(local iron cooking tool). It can be eaten as it is, or it is also good to be melted in the soup and enjoyed in various flavors..
Other menus
Goishi Oiso Hama Ramen. (1,350 yen including tax, with coffee) Uni Mekabu don(Sea urchin and seaweed rice bowl)(880 yen including tax, with mini soba(buckwheat noodles)) and others

Store Information

Phone number
22-68 Ohama, Massakicho, Ofunato-shi, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
10 minutes by taxi from JR Ofunato Line(BRT) Goishikaiganguchi Station
Opening Hours
11: 00-14: 30
No scheduled
Number of car parking
13 large buses, 100 regular cars
Number of Seats
200 seats
Group acceptance
Shop's Website
There is an exclusive menu for group customers

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