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“Bin-don” tara(codfish) no bukkake– Enjoy one bowl twice

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Recommended Menu

Pick-up Menu
“Bin-don” tara(codfish) no bukkake
Price for the pick-up menu
1,250 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
The contents of the bottle are tara(cod) and ikura(salmon roe), which represent Miyako's winter, mekabu(seaweed), gagome-konbu(kelp). Those are seasoned in special soy sauce. Firstly, put the contents of the bottle onto rice in the bowl. After tasting about half, pour the restaurant’s original salt-based soup “Tatsutto Hamadare” onto it. The bin-don can be enjoyed twice.

Store Information

Phone number
Inside the Jodogahama Rest House,32 Hitachihamacho, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
Iwate Kenpoku Bus bound for Oku-Jodogahama 20 mimuets from JR / Sanriku Railway Miyako Station. Oku-Jodogahama bus stop 1-minute walk
Opening Hours
10: 30-14: 30
Number of car parking
From November to March, 20 cars can be parked in front of the rest house
Number of Seats
110 seats
Group acceptance
Shop's Website
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