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Kaisen ramen(Seafood ramen)-Light taste seafood ramen is popular

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Recommended Menu

Pick-up Menu
Kaisen ramen(seafood ramen)
Price for the pick-up menu
1,200 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
A restaurant locates in the center of Noda Village. Ramen, bowls (affordable mini bowls are available) and set meals are offered. The most recommended menu is Kaisen ramen(seafood Ramen), which uses plenty of local seafood. The combination of fresh ingredients is truly exquisite and worth a meal.
Other menus
Hotate teishoku(scallop set meal) (1,200 yen), Bukkake don(rice bowl) (850 yen), etc.

Store Information

Phone number
19-111 Noda, Noda-mura, Kunohe-gun, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
About 7 minutes walk from Sanriku Railway Rikuchu Noda Station
Opening Hours
11: 00-15: 00/17: 00-21: 00 (Closed 15: 00-17: 00)
Not scheduled
Number of car parking
20 cars
Number of Seats
44 seats
Group acceptance
Up to 20 people (consultation required for the number of people)
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