OiOi-shokudo “Otaya meat shop at fish and vegetable market” <Miyako City>

Karaage-teishoku(fried chicken set meal)-Stay powerful with hearty fried chicken and rich pork miso soup!

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Recommended Menu

唐揚げ定食 900円(税込)
Pick-up Menu
Karaage-teishoku(fried chicken set meal)
Price for the pick-up menu
900 yen (tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
Plenty of juicy fried chicken, rich pork miso soup, and large serving rice make you full. It is also good to purposely have meat at the fish and vegetable market.
Other menus
Pork loin grilled meat set meal 900 yen, Pork loin cutlet set meal 900 yen, Pork fillet cutlet set meal 900 yen, Croquette and minced meat cutlet set meal 700 yen, OiOi curry and rice 680 yen, rice and pork miso soup set 380 yen , All including tax

Store Information

Phone number
(inside the fish and vegetable market) 1-1, Satsukicho, Miyako-shi, Iwate 027-0072
Access using Public Transportation
About 8 minutes-walk from Miyako Station
Opening Hours
7: 00-15: 00 (Set meal and curry rice, until 14:00)
Number of car parking
Parking lot at the market (free)
Number of Seats
In-store counter 6 seats (chairs and tables at Kyukei-hiroba(break square) in the market are available)
Group acceptance
Shop descriptions
OiOi shokudo is located in the fish and vegetable market and is operated by Otaya meat shop, offers set meals with voluminous meat dishes. Daily dishes and meat are also sold at shopfront.

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