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Hoya pasta- Exquisite!! Natural hoya(sea squirt) pasta♪ Super delicious soup in which pasta and sea squirts are!!

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Recommended Menu

ほやパスタ  税込760円
Pick-up Menu
Hoya pasta
Price for the pick-up menu
760 yen (10% tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
New menu debuted at 760 yen with salad! The butter flavor is delicious! The natural and plump sea squirt is exquisite. Please enjoy. *Sake(salmon) pilaf and ikura(salmon roe) are also available for topping 850 yen (10% tax included) *with soup and salad
Other menus
Hoya meshi teishoku(seasoned rice with sea squirt set meal) 1,080 yen, Uni wantan men(noodle soup with sea urchin wonton dumpling) 980 yen, Hamanasu set meal (summer only) 4,000 yen, Tokusei nama uni don(specially made sea urchin rice bowl)(summer only) 3,500 yen, Hoya ramen 760 yen, Nama uni don(raw sea urchin rice bowl) (summer only) 2,500 yen, Mekabu(seaweed) ramen 760 yen, Hoyazukushi(all of hoya) 2,500 yen, Ichigoni(boiled sea urchin) ramen 2,080 yen, Ichigoni teishoku(boiled sea urchin set meal) 1,620 yen, Kaisen(seafood) ramen 1,300 yen, Uni meshi teishoku(seasoned rice with sea urchin set meal) 1,080 yen * All 10% taxincluded

Store Information

Phone number
22-131-3 Taneichi, Hirono-cho, Kinohe-gun, Iwate 028-7914
Opening Hours
11: 00-15: 00
Number of car parking
10 cars
Number of Seats
40 seats
Group acceptance
Shop's Website
Shop descriptions
“Hamanasu Honten(main shop)” were supported by Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, and opened a prefabricated shop on March 8, 2012, near the “Taneichi Furusato Bussankan” destroyed by the tsunami. We have two shops, the other is “Taneichi san choku ten” in Taneishi Fureai Hiroba. The impact of the earthquake is still strong, but we are planning to provide dishes made with plenty of local ingredients such as “Natural Hoya” so on.

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