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Awabi & Sanma don-Seasonal seafood rice bowl-Enjoy the taste of autumn with chewy awabi(abalone) and fresh sanma(saury) [until the end of October]

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Recommended Menu

アワビ・サンマ丼  1,580円(税込)
Pick-up Menu
Awabi Sanma don(Abalone and saury rice bowl)
Price for the pick-up menu
1,580 yen (10% tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
You can enjoy the taste of autumn with the texture of seasonal saury and chewy abalone. It is a good value lunch menu with dessert and coffee.
Other menus
Bin-don Momiji-zuke 2,100 yen, Kaisen-don(seafood rice bowl) 1,980 yen, Bin-don 1,580 yen, Goka ebi tendon(Luxurious prawns tempura rice bowl) 1,280 yen, etc.

Store Information

Phone number
32-4 Hitachihamacho, Miyako-shi, Iwate027-0001
Access using Public Transportation
Iwate Kenpoku Bus from Miyako Station, get off Jodogahama Park Hotel Iriguchi(entrance) bus stop
Opening Hours
11: 30-14: 30
Number of car parking
80 cars
Number of Seats
20 seats
Group acceptance
Shop's Website
Shop descriptions
A Japanese restaurant on the second floor of the hotel. Lunch autumn rice bowl fair is currently being held. No reservation is necessary. Please feel free to visit us.

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