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-New landmark of Seaside city Kamaishi, 4 restaurants, kitchen studio and event space are equipped

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-Facility Information-

◆ Facility name  Uogashi Terrace

◆ Location: 3-3 Uogashi, Kamaishi-shi, Iwate 026-0012

◆ Telephone / Facsimile:  0193-27-5566

◆ Regular holiday:  Office is closed on Tuesday, Shops are closed on Monday.

◆ Parking lot   About 25 passenger cars,  2 large buses

◆ Access:

Train: 25 minute walk from Sanriku Railway/ JR Kamaishi Station

Car: 10 minutes by car from Sanriku Expressway Kamaishi Chuo IC towards Kamaishi Port

Bus: Take the Iwatekenkotsu Bus for “Shinhamacho” or “Higashimae” at Kamaishi Station and get off at “Shieibiru mae”, then walk 2 minutes.

       Take the Iwatekenkotsu Bus one of “Kamiheita New Town”, “Arakawa”, “Sasu”, “Heita dai roku Kasetsumae”,”Oishi”,”Kamaishi dai kannon” at Kamaishi Station, get off at “Kamaishi shiyakusho mae”, then walk 10 minutes.

For details, click here https://uogashi-terrace.jp/

-Reataurant tenant information-

* Cash or cashless payment (Rakuten Pay) is available at all shops.



Recommended Menu

Pick-up Menu
As mentioned above

Store Information

Phone number
0193-27-5566 (Facilities Management Office * Each restaurant number is as above)
Kamaishi DMC Co., Ltd. 3-3 Uogashi, Kamaishi-shi, Iwate 026-0012
Office is closed on Tuesday, Shops are closed on Monday
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