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Fresh excellent soy milk soft cream- Fresh homemade soy milk and low-fat, low-sweetness vanilla cream is delicious! You can enjoy various flavors every season ♪

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Recommended Menu

スタンダードチョコレート豆乳ソフトクリーム/ココットカップ(5月限定)   税込350円
Pick-up Menu
Fresh excellent soy milk soft cream
Price for the pick-up menu
350 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
Soy milk soft cream is a refreshing that people who do not like soy milk tast want to eat again. Its corn is a topic, made of granola corn with dietary fiber baked crisply. The combination of cream and corn changes depending on the season, so look forward to tasting !
Other menus
Momen tofu(firm tofu), Yose tofu(fresh tofu), maruball, etc.

Store Information

Phone number
6-5 Uchinome, Sakaricho, Ofunato-shi, Iwate 022-0003
Access using Public Transportation
4 minute walk from Sakari Station
Opening Hours
From 8:00 to 19:00
Number of car parking
Number of Seats
Shop descriptions
A shop that has been loved by Ofunato citizens for more than 80 years. Although it was damaged by the earthquake, the shop has continued to operate without changing the location. There are many visitors from outside the city and prefecture! !

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