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A local specialty Donko Miso-yaki, a grilled fish that is grilled in its mouth with liver, leek and miso

All ingredients are purchased directly from fishermen, not from the market so that fresh food is always available!

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Recommended Menu

どんこのみそ焼き   税込800円〜
Pick-up Menu
Donko Miso Yaki
Price for the pick-up menu
800yen ~ (tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
Sanriku's boasting “Donko” is a fish that meat is pure white and soft regardless of its appearance. “Donko miso-yaki” is the best recommendation.
Other menus
Anago(conger) tempura (972 yen), Japanese-style scallop stew (1,080 yen), Mambo(mola) small intestine salt grilled (702 yen), Tako(octopus) sashimi (756 yen)

Store Information

Phone number
1-1-7 Tadagoecho, Kamaishi-shi
Access using Public Transportation
16 minute walk from Kamaishi Station
Opening Hours
17: 00-23: 00 (* Lunch only available for reservations)
Sunday (※ Open if there is a reservation)
Number of car parking
Number of Seats
24 seats
Shop descriptions
Fans who visited the disaster volunteers and reconstruction work spread throughout the country and are representative of “satisfactory shops” in Kamaishi.

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