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Horumon nabe teishoku (pork offal cooked in hot pot set meal) -Iwaizumi soul food born at the Kogawa coal mine- Open power fully with hot horumon nabe

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Recommended Menu

ホルモン鍋定食 750円(税込)
Pick-up Menu
Horumon nabe teishokiu
Price for the pick-up menu
750 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
The soy sauce based soup that garlic and pepper work for, pork offal, chicken, local tofu and vegetables are the taste of Kogawa coal mine.
Other menus
Yakiniku teishoku(roasted meat set meal) 880 yen, Buta shoga yaki don(pork ginger rice bowl) 570 yen, Gyu don(beef rice bowl) 570 yen, Ramen 500 yen, Chuka don(chinese rice bowl) 570 yen etc.

Store Information

Phone number
6-1 Machimukai, Kado, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate 028-5641
Access using Public Transportation
Take JR Bus for Morioka Station at Ryusendo mae(front Ryusendo) Bus Stop, get off at Kogawa Chugakko mae( front Kogawa Junior High School) Bus Stop and walk 10 minutes
Opening Hours
9: 00-20: 00
Not scheduled
Number of car parking
15 cars
Number of Seats
34 seats
Group acceptance
Yes (10 to 15 people)
Shop descriptions
Opened as a shop that inherits the taste of the former Kogawa coal mine Horumon nabe. Bread, cakes and sweets are also sold. There is a karaoke box next to the shop.

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