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Handmade chicken tsukune(meatloaf) (with Nanbudori chicken egg)- The recommended menu of the brand-name chicken “Nanbudori”, a specialty of the local Kesen region

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Recommended Menu

手づくり鶏つくね(南部鶏の卵を添えて)   税込648円
Pick-up Menu
Handmade chicken tsukune(meatloaf) (with Nanbudori chicken egg)
Price for the pick-up menu
648 yen
Description of the pick-up menu
Focusing on local production for local consumption, the menu of fresh seafood from Sanriku and the brand-name chicken “Nanbudori” that is proud of the local Kesen region is recommended.
Other menus
Assorted Nanbudori skewers (5 skwers) 750 yen (excluding tax) /Nanbudori Japanese-style rolled omelette 540 yen (excluding tax) / 2 ~ 4 servings of sashimi 1,500 yen ~ (excluding tax) / Grilled squid 800 yen (excluding tax)

Store Information

Phone number
18-10 Nonoda,Ofunatocho, Ofunato-shi 022-0002
Access using Public Transportation
JR BRT Ofunato Station
Opening Hours
Mon / Wed ~ Sat / Holiday 17: 00-22: 00 (LO21: 30)
Tuesday / Sunday
Number of car parking
6-7 units
Number of Seats
40 seats
Liquors are enriched, and tourists and regular customers always have a pleasant voice. Tonight, please enjoy Sanriku at “Wai”.

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