Yamagoya <Miyako City>

Mikkusu Horumon yaki(Mixed innards grilled)- “Yamagoya” located in the center of Miyako city

Even though “Yamagoya” means a mountain lodge, it has an abundant seafood menu. A restaurant that has bright atmosphere and stay laughingly.

  • Miyako-city
  • Food
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Noodles
  • Chinese food

Recommended Menu

ミックスホルモン焼き 950円(税別)
Pick-up Menu
Mikkusu Horumon yaki(Mixed innards grilled)
Price for the pick-up menu
950 yen (excluding tax)
Description of the pick-up menu
A good-looking manager and cheerful employees make a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore it is always filled with customers there. The lineup of sake and the shochu is up to high standard. You can enjoy a menu that changes seasonal seafood every day.
Other menus
・ Anago(conger) no tempura 880 yen ・ Motsuni(boiled innards) ¥ 380

Store Information

Phone number
3-3 Suehirocho, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
8-minute walk from Miyako Station
Opening Hours
17: 30-24: 00
Number of car parking
Number of Seats
12 seats in Japanese style, 4 seats at tables, 4 seats at counters

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