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Umino-sachi Lunch- Seafood lunch that is particular about seasonal ingredients of local Kuji city.

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Recommended Menu

海の幸ランチ    税込1,350円
短角牛のハンバーグ    税込1,450円
Pick-up Menu
Umino-sachi(Seafood) no Lunch
Price for the pick-up menu
1,350 yen ~(10% tax included)
Description of the pick-up menu
We recommend this lunch that focuses on the seasonal ingredients of the local Kuji city.
Other menus
Sasuke-buta(pork) curry (1,000yen ~), Nasai-dori(chiken) no saute (1,300 yen ~), Umino-sachi(seafood) no lunch (1,350 yen ~), Tankaku-gyu(beef) no hamburge (1,450 yen ~) * 10% tax included

Store Information

Phone number
19-156-134 Okujicho, Kuji-shi, Iwate
Access using Public Transportation
10 minutes by car from JR/Sanriku Railway Kuji Station
Opening Hours
11: 00-14: 30 (LO) 17: 30-20: 00 (LO)
3rd Wednesday of every month, New Year's holiday (December 31-January 1)
Number of car parking
15 cars
Number of Seats
1st floor 40 seats, 2nd floor 30 seats
Group acceptance
Reservation required
Shop's Website
Shop descriptions
Enjoy meals in family, anniversaries, and party with the colleagues in your company in relaxed atmosphere. There is a museum and an amber shop nearby, so you can enjoy your meal and sightseeing.
Reservation required for dinner by 17:00 the day before

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