The Miracle Pine Tree <Rikuzentakata City>

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One of the monument of the Great East Japan Earthquake.


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The Miracle Pine Tree is one of the monument of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Once there are approximately 70,000 pine trees along the coast of Rikuzentakata city(the area called Takata Matsubara,the countyy's scenic spot),and only 1 pine tree survived

 Treated with preservatives, has been revived as a monument.

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The Miracle Pine Tree <Rikuzentakata City>

  • address: 029-2205 Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata City Kesen-cho Sagomori Googlemap
  • TEL: The office of Rikuzentakata-City:0192-54-2111
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  • Please note that the surrounding road conditions may change due to the reconstruction work.

    Guide reservation is Rikuzentakata City Tourist Association
    (Guide of Miracle Pine Tree becomes explanation from opposite shore.)

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