Blue cave (Sap boat sightseeing) <Miyako city>

The Hachinohe cave, which is nicknamed "Blue Cave" on Rikuchu Coast, is named after the legend that it extends to Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture.
A long time ago, a dog that had entered this hole was found in Hachinohe city a few years later, so this hole would last up to Hachinohe, and it was called Hachinohe hole.
The actual inside of the hole is a dead end at about 8 meters. The entrance is half-sea, so it can not invade unless it is a small boat.
In recent years, it has also been called a blue cave on the ground, as the clear blue water shines beautifully in the sunlight that enters from the entrance of the hole.


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Activity Plan Outline

Time required
20 min
1,500 yen / person
Maximum number of people
30 people (You may be waiting depending on the situation of the ship)
Reservation time limit
Possible on the day

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Blue cave (Sap boat sightseeing) <Miyako city>

  • Jodogahama Marine House
  • address: Iwate Prefecture Miyako City Hitachi Hamacho 32-4 Googlemap
  • TEL: TEL: 0193-63-1327
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