Miyako Jodogahama Pleasure Boat

Cute sea cats flock and appear in the channel guide!

National scenic spot "Jyodogahama" where the contrast of green pine is beautiful in white rocky surface. Cruising about 40 minutes in the bay where you can leave Jodogahama and enjoy the natural beauty of the country and the beauty of the coast that can not be lost. At the same time as the departure, cute sea cats flock and appear as a guide for the route! Please also enjoy feeding.


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Activity Plan Outline

Time required
40 minutes
Adults 1,400 yen (more than junior high school students) dwarf 700 yen (from 6 years old to 6 years of elementary school) Toddlers ¥ free (5 years old or younger)
Maximum number of people
400 people
Reservation time limit
Possible on the day

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Miyako Jodogahama Pleasure Boat

  • address: 浜 027-0001 Iwate Prefecture Miyako-shi Hitachi Hamacho 32 & minus; 4 Googlemap
  • TEL: TEL 0193-62-3350
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  • ■ About boarding
    It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the first parking lot (Jodogahama Visitor Center bus stop) and about 15 minutes on foot from Jodogahama to the pier. Please bring it with me.

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