Salt making of a fisherman (hammout)

You can experience the salt making that was once practiced in the Sanriku coast area, including Kihama. Experience the old-fashioned work, how about thinking about your life at that time? Of course you can take your own salt with you.

[Short experience] 20 minutes
You can quickly pick up salt crystals. ※ We carry out only at the time of event
[1 hour course] 1 hour
Use pre-concentrated seawater.
[Full-scale experience course] about 7 hours
From the place where the sea water is pumped up, turn the firewood and fire to make salt carefully.


  • Tanohata-village
  • Food
  • Activity

Activity Plan Outline

Kishihama group of shops Salt making storehouse
Time required
1 hour (with short course)
[Short experience] ¥ 500 / person [1 hour course] ¥ 2,500 / person (from 2 people) [Full-fledged experience course] ¥ 7,000 / person (from 2 people)
Maximum number of people
From 2 people
Reservation time limit
Up to 3 days ago

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Salt making of a fisherman (hammout)

  • Kishihama group of shops Salt making storehouse
  • address: Tanohata village desk 142 & minus; 3 Googlemap
  • TEL: TEL 0194-37-1211  FAX 0194-33-3355
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