Ono wood craft making experience

The craftsman of Ono Koko teaches how to make a full-scale wooden bowl. (We make shallow apparatus of approximately 15mm in depth)

【Summary】 O campus is a roadside station, including industrial design center, woodworking, pottery, Saki weave, gardening studio, farm produce direct sale office, accommodation facility "Green Hill O'no", O no health water There are 18 facilities including a park golf course, an animal contact hall and an astronomical observatory, making it a base for "one-to-one art village creation".

Schedule: Year-round (except December 31, 31 and 1)

  • Hirono-town
  • Activity

Activity Plan Outline

Period of holding
Year-round (except December 31, 31 and 1)
Time required
About 2 hours
Instruction fee 2100 yen / 1 hour Machine fee 250 yen / 1 hour Material cost 550 yen Painting fee 550 yen Time required 2 hours total 5800 yen
Maximum number of people
1 to 2 people
Reservation time limit
2 days ago

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Ono wood craft making experience

  • O campus
  • address: 野 028-8802 Ono-cho, Kuto-gun, Iwate Prefecture 58-12-30 Googlemap
  • TEL: 0194-77-3202
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