"Noda salt making" experience that has continued since the Edo period!

Freshly cooked salt of Nodamura, which has been known since ancient times. Even today, it takes four days to make salt.
In this experience, from the concentrated seawater that boil off the seawater of Noda port for 2 days, and with about 20 g of my radish salt by the petit straight salt making method using a frying pan and a rice scoop.
You can take recipes home.
The exciting feeling that the boiling seawater crystallizes into salt and the sense of accomplishment when it was finished is a must!
Why don't you create your own & quot; Premium Salt & quot; with plenty of sea minerals.

Schedule: Year-round

  • Noda-village
  • Food
  • Activity

Activity Plan Outline

Period of holding
Time required
About 50 minutes
¥ 1,000 per person
Maximum number of people
Minimum 2 people / maximum 40 people
Reservation time limit
Until 5 days before the implementation date

Contact, For an application

"Noda salt making" experience that has continued since the Edo period!

  • Kuji Wide Area Tourism Council
  • TEL: 0194-53-5756
  • What is included in the price
    ・ Salt making experience (you can take it home)
    Commentary on making salt
    ・ Touching tools, costume experience

    Cancellation fee
    20% cancellation after the 7th day, 30% cancellation on the day before the travel start date, 50% cancellation on the day of the travel start date (before departure),
    Cancellation after the start of travel or no contact 100%

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